1.1. What these terms refer to.

These are the terms and conditions on which Nocastra Pvt. Ltd. (“Nocastra”) supply services to you. Our terms are effective from the date you submit your order electronically. Speedhost is a subsidiary of Nocastra and all terms applicable to Nocastra are applicable to Speedhost.

1.2. Why you should read them.

Read these terms carefully before you submit your order. These terms describe who we are, how we will provide our services, how Nocastra or you may change or end the contract, the procedure to follow in case of an unanticipated issue, and other relevant information.

1.3. Amendment to terms.

This Agreement and any policies or agreements incorporated herein may be modified by Nocastra at any time, at its sole and absolute discretion. Any changes to our service will be notified via email 30 days in advance. Any changes or modifications can be effective immediately. If you continue to use our services, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended Agreement. Your responsibility is to ensure that the email address you have provided is current and active. If you fail to receive email communications from us due to an incorrect email address, we do not accept any liability or responsibility.


2.1 Who we are.

We are Nocastra, a company registered in Lahore, Pakistan. Our registered office is at Main Khayaban-e-Firdousi, 263, Block R-2, Johar Town, Lahore – PR1, Ground Floor.

2.2 How to contact us.

You can contact us via the contact methods mentioned at https://speedhost.pk/contact.

2.3 How we may contact you.

If we need to contact you, we will contact you by telephone, through the provided email address, or the provided postal address at the time of placing your order.


3.1 How we will accept your order.

An order placed on our website does not imply acceptance of the order. After your order is placed, we will accept it at the time you receive confirmation that your order has been completed with all the necessary details. A contract will be established between us and you at this point. Payment must be received before any services can be provided.

3.2 If we are unable to accept or fulfill your order.

If we are unable to accept or fulfill your order, we will inform you of this and refund any payments you have made. If the domain name you have requested is no longer available for registration, the registry has chosen to charge a non-standard price, or the domain transfer request is no longer possible, we will not be able to fulfill your order.

3.3 Account details.

You will need to create an account on our website in order to access our services. Your username and password may be assigned when you place your order. We reserve the right to change any username or password assigned to you at any time. Any changes will be communicated to you in written form.

Upon establishing an Account with Nocastra, you warrant that all the information you provide is true, accurate, and complete. You are responsible for all activities on your account, regardless of whether they have been authorized by you. You must safeguard your login information. Any unauthorized use of your account or security breach must be reported immediately.


4.1 Domains

4.1.1 Domain Registration.

No representations are made as to the availability of a particular domain name requested for registration by you (Domain). Nocastra acts as a designated agent for handling your domains. You may request to transfer your domains to any other registrar according to ICANN’s Transfer Policy.

4.1.2 Details of renewal

In most cases, renewals will be renewed for the same period as the initial registration period, unless you instruct us in writing of any necessary amendments. At the time of renewal, the renewal fee will be charged at the prevailing rate. In order to ensure that the Domain will be renewed on time, we will take payment up to 7 days prior to the Domain renewal date.

4.1.3 Basis of Transfer.

The sole responsibility for completing any steps necessary to transfer the domain lies with you, including but not limited to: changing the Nominet IPS TAG of the domain, unlocking the domain name, supplying an authorization code, and approving a transfer request. Please inform us if you wish to cancel a transfer before Nocastra has commenced work on it and request a refund in accordance with our refund policy.

4.1.4 Expired Domains.

If a domain name is not renewed by its expiry date, it ceases to function and shall be deemed expired. If we are unable to process payment via the method provided, or if you have not renewed the domain by the renewal date, or if you have set the Domain for expiration or have not manually renewed the domain, the domain will expire.

Upon expiration, a domain may enter a grace and/or redemption period. Therefore, you acknowledge that we may, at our discretion, and within three calendar days of the expiration date of a domain, renew the domain; or, park the Domain with different name servers than those specified by you.

Following the expiration date, domains from registries that do not provide a grace period and/or redemption period may be unrecoverable by us, in which case our agreement will terminate immediately without further obligation. Furthermore, we are under no obligation to attempt to recover such a domain.


4.2.1 Free domain offers.

We offer some hosting packages that include free domain registration or transfer. Currently, this applies to a limited number of domain extensions and may change from time to time. Free registration or transfer may be allowed or disallowed at our discretion. Other extensions are not included in this offer and will incur additional charges. If a customer wishes to place an order using a different extension, a reduction in fees must be agreed upon in advance by both parties. All registrations are valid for one year. All future renewals of these domains will be charged at our regular renewal rate.

4.2.2 Purpose of services.

Our services are intended to be used for the purposes of hosting websites and sending email unless explicitly stated otherwise. Batch processing, video encoding/transcoding, web crawling/spidering, archiving/online backup systems, and any system other than hosting a website are not permitted on our shared or reseller hosting servers. These tools may only be used with our written permission on a dedicated server. We reserve the right to take proactive measures to maintain the stability of our systems for all clients.

4.2.3 Suitability of hosting environment.

We offer some packages with ‘unlimited’ services. This means that we do not actively limit the amount of disk space or bandwidth (or both). To ensure system stability, accounts are limited by resource usage in order to ensure that no one client can negatively affect the performance of other clients on shared and reseller servers. On dedicated servers, your resources are determined by the package you choose.